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  2. Plastic windows and doors
  3. Plastic doors

Plastic doors

Plastic entrance doors made from top-class German-made Kömmerling profiles give your building a distinctive character and meet every customer’s individual requirements. The wide range of colours, whether in wood decors or unicolours, enables a great variability in the colour solutions.

Each customer can design the final appearance based on their own needs and taste, or choose from a wide range of Perito door panes.


  • HEAT TRANSMISSION RATE: UD up to 0.79 W/(m2K)
  • STRUCTURAL DEPTH: 76 and 88 mm 
  • COLOUR DESIGN: whiteone/both-sided foilsAluClip
  • SEAL TYPE: end/middle

Main advantages:

  • robust steel reinforcement in the door
  • wide range of types of door panes
  • 3-point security lock in the standard version
  • permits the use of AluClip aluminium coating, bringing limitless colour options from the RAL scale
  • aluminium threshold with a broken cold bridge
  • high burglar resistance

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