1. Introduction
  2. Subsidies


Our Company successfully utilises subsidies from the European Union programmes that help us expand production and improve its quality. Owing to this, our production technology is of a world-class quality.

OP EIC – Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness

Our Company has been implementing a project titled “Promotion of H&M spol. s r. o. at regional exhibitions in Austria”, reg. no. CZ.01.2.111/0.0/0.0/815_016/0004592, which is submitted for co-financing from the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, that is, European Union and Czech Republic state budget resources.

The project content is promotion of H&M spol. s r. o. at two Austrian regional trade fairs in 2015-2018. They are trade fairs with regional and international coverage, focused on housing, roofing and winter gardens, which is the applicant’s line of business. In total, 6 participations at these trade fairs will be supported.

The project implementation will contribute to increasing the Company expansion to the Austrian market, improving the applicant’s international competitiveness, and it will enhance opportunities for expansion to other international markets. We will gain new customers, and our exports and revenues will grow.

OP EI – Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation

OP EI project no. 6.2 M01/091 yr. 6/2007-4/2008

Realisation of the marketing strategy to penetrate the markets abroad

OP EI project no. 2.2 ITP01/153 yr. 8/2007-12/2008

Introduction of a complex corporate information system and its interlinking with special window production SW

OP EI project no. 2.2 RV01/072 yr. 11/2007-7/2008

Acquisition of a new CNC cutting centre

OP EI project no. 2.2 RV02/345

Initiation of the production of windows for the low-energy houses

OP IE – Operational Programme Industry and Enterprise

OP IE project no. 2.1 R II/211 yr. 8-12/2006

Purchase of a modern machining and profile slicing CNC centre

PHARE 2003 PROGRAMME – technology

Project no. 039 yr. 2005

Window production intensification – Stage IV: purchase of production equipment and technologies for the production of plastic windows:

new CNC technologies for the production of plastic windows

powerful screw compressor with the air distribution system

production control software without „e-prod“ production records

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