1. Introduction
  2. Glazed aluminium facades
  3. MB-SR50N post-and-strut

MB-SR50N post-and-strut

The MB-SR50N post-and-strut facade is designed so that it provides great thermal insulation while meeting all the requirements on strength and loading capacity of the whole structure, and thus acts as a sufficient support for the heavy load of the massive glazed areas. The modern profile shape makes it possible to flush the post and strut profiles on the exterior side of the facade.

This system is the basis for fire-resistant facades and can also be made in the fire-resistant version MB-SR50N EI.

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Main advantages:

  • large glazed areas with no divisions
  • wide range of versions
  • easy prefabrication and installation
  • wide choice of openable elements, including windows with hidden leaves
  • variability of angular joints

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